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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toilet Paper

Thanks Erin for letting me invade the blog!  I felt it was only right to add some stories about my 2nd grade babies into the mix!  This is a Legacy favorite from the first day of school...

All my students were sitting in a circle.  We were getting ready to play the get to know you game where you pass toilet paper around and however many squares you take, that's how many things you have to tell the class about yourself.  Simple, right? WRONG.

For this activity, I literally just grabbed toilet paper from my bathroom.  However, as I explained the activity I was met with a chorus of "Ewwwwww!!!!" Apparently, they didn't trust me enough and thought I was handing them used toilet paper!!! Then as it was being passed around, the students noticed that it was a little different from what they were used to.  One girl raised and her hand and begin to cry because she was so upset that she "broke" her toilet paper.  Needless to say, we had to have a Q&A about TWO PLY!!! None of them had ever experienced this small joy in life!

The best part is that my students got attached to the toilet paper.
 "It's so soft Ms. Bennett!"
"Where did you get this?!?!"
One of my students in particular LOVED it.  He began to rub it up and down his arms and when that wasn't enough, he scrubbed it across his face and any exposed part of his body VERY hard.  Imagine someone scrubbing clothes against a washboard...then substitute a small boy and toilet paper! I was rolling!  To this day, if you offer him toilet paper, we will gladly take it and go about his business slowly rubbing it across his body!

So if you ever visit my room, PLEASE bring 2 ply toilet paper...you won't regret it.

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  1. uh oh...didn't realize I posted this. I wrote it not Erin! lol